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Great opportunities for students !!!!

Marca Education(india & overseas) was set up with one VERY IMPORTANT objective, TO HELP YOU to choose right course.So many choices are available and it is normal for a student or the parent to feel confused. If we can help YOU to make a RIGHT decision, then you may have made a SMART career choice.

If your friend or classmate has taken a decision to do Engineering, you need not to follow the same pathway. So many students have completed their Engineering in India and still struggling to get a good job for many reasons. At the same time, there are so many students who have brilliant careers by selecting other career pathways. Many students are so well employed and well settled in life after doing Accounting and even Business degrees. However if it is your passion to do Engineering, Medicine, Accounting, Business, Music, Fine Arts, or Nursing, we will surely assist you.

Some countries give great opportunities for students. Australia is a land of opportunities and the government offers work rights, dependent visa for spouse and children, 40 hours of work per fortnight and full time work during holidays,. Moreover there is scope for you to obtain migration if you are eligible at the end of your studies.

We offer a wide choice of countries, institutions and courses

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The internet, increased travel and a fast globalizing world has created huge higher education opportunities for students in countries across the globe. However, the information overload often leads to confusion rather than clarity. Consequently, students who do not think and investigate in depth often land up in courses, institutions or countries that may not best suit the student’s aspirations.

Students and parents are assured a caring atmosphere. At hand at office are professionals, well traveled and highly trained giving ethical, non commercial advise; always for the student’s best interest. Once students come to us, they need not go anywhere else as all their needs are catered to, Professionally, Efficiently and Ethically.


1 Career Counseling.

2 Admission Guidance.

3 Visa Assistance.

4 Air Ticketing.

5 Pre Departure Orientation.

6 After arrival assistance.

7 Air port pick up.

8 Accommodation assistance.

9 Overseas Students Health Cover.